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As a subscriber to Microsoft office 365, I pay for the included technical support. In my experience they are negligent and incompetent. The communication between the various levels of support appears to be nonexistent.

I had to change the drive letter where I store my Outlook files. I made the appropriate changes in Outlook directing the program to the new location. I kept getting an error message that the files could not be accessed.

This was about a week ago. I got in touch with Microsoft Technical Support. The tech took control of my computer and proceeded to create a new profile. He could not finish and advised that he needed to do some research and would call me back at 11 AM Eastern standard Time the next morning. This did not happen. Instead my computer was left worse than when he took over.

I tried calling the support number. Three times I was connected with level I and after providing my ticket number which when viewed should show the history purported to arrange for me to be called back by level II within two hours. Three times this didn’t happen.

In the meantime, after several hours on hold I was connected with a level II tech. She advised that she would fix the problem. I was told I could disconnect the call and she would call me back when she needed me. About 1/2 an hour later I noticed my computer screen was green and it said it was restarting. I assume she was busy and left the room. I came back periodically and the screen had not changed. By that evening, some eight hours later, the screen had not changed. I restarted the computer only to find that the job was not finished and I had not been contacted by the tech.

I have sent emails to the answer desk. They reply that they’ve tried to contact me [I’m a lawyer and have multiple layers of messages] No calls appeared on the CID or were there messages. I would reply with my number and a time to call as requested in the email. Next I would get back the same idiotic email claiming to have tried to contact me and telling me because I hadn’t responded they were closing my case.

I called in again today and wasted 1/2 an hour with someone at level I who then promised me a call from level to today. Nothing.

You would think such an organization would be more concerned about their customer service. I have made enough phone calls and sent enough emails with my case number, that a responsible well-run technical support would arrange to get in touch with the customer and explain, apologize for and repair their negligence.

I have given up. I have wasted so much time trying to find someone at level II to take ownership of this disaster. I have little confidence that it will happen after my experience to date.

It is my intention to bring a lawsuit against Microsoft in Canada for their breach of contract and negligence in failing to provide the service I have paid for. If anyone else has had a similar experience please advise and we can consider a CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT



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